Friday, December 7, 2007

The Stench Of Hypocrisy...

Samina Malik, author of some extremely good Islamic poetry (even though she's a woman...she must be a genius by female standards!), has been convicted under the 'Terrorism' Act.

So for a infidel woman to name a teddy bear after Mohammed (PBUH) is reasonable and doesn't require any punishment, but for a Muslima to be free to write poetry about martyrs and the beheading of infidels is unreasonable?!?

I see double standards here, and I'm sorry to mention it again, but this just goes to show how much Muslims are discriminated against in this country.

I'm 100% behind Samina here, although I think she's a little lax when it comes to hiding her feminine sexuality. The photo I saw of her displayed her wearing only a hijab. My personal feelings are: that a hijab is OK until around the age of puberty, when men are to be forgiven for being so sexually attracted to females that they just cannot control their lustful feelings. After this time, it just has to be the burqa - even the sight of naked female eyes can send Muslim males into a uncontrollable sexual frenzy (it does with me), although the nikab is perhaps permissable for old women who have wrinkly eyes anyway. Older females are both less likely to inflame male passions, AND more likely to need to see where they're going, which is my rationale for maybe being a little liberal when it comes to womens' clothing.

Samina, I respect you as much as I respect any woman but please try harder - not only would dressing in a burqa be far more seemly, but it would also have helped you evade capture in the first place. And that AS WELL as getting on a bus for free using someone else's bus pass or getting a driving licence easily by getting someone else in a burqa to stand in for you. Let's face it, that wouldn't be morally wrong - you wouldn't have to know how to do a 3-point turn, just how to set yourself on fire and drive into an airport building.


scimitar said...

even the sight of naked female eyes can send Muslim males into a uncontrollable sexual frenzy (it does with me),
well there you have proof that muslim men are animals that cannot control themselves,
beasts belong in a cage.

Ahmendi said...

Islam is a disease and the only cure for it is a bullit or the gas chamber, i like the gas chamber personally, i think its time for a new halocaust.

Bayezid IIV said...

Since muslims are so fond of rape(whether it be boy or girl) i think the best way to kill a muslim or arab, turk, persian, ect. is impalement through the ass. that way they won't be able to tell if they are cumming or going. LOL

Kaab Ibn al-Ashraf said...

What i like is how muslim men think their women are so pure and they leave them at home, alone. Well i lost my virginity to six pakistani women while their husbands were away and they took turns with me, it was paradise. they were not virgins but they were still tight and knew more than i thought, if only their husbands knew. he he he

Banu al- nudair said...

A is for Allah or asshole wait its the same thing. Wait an asshole exists allah does not. They both smell like shit.

محمد said...

Stench of hypocrisy, well Reasonable Mahmoud you feel muslims are persicuted thats normal after all you are the one who would persecute them no matter how curtious and rightous they may be. The infidels will wake up soon and you are near to feel their wrath.

Hudna said...

Chimps can drive taxis, i see them do it all the time in england.

Derpa Jihad Allah said...

i care not what all the politicians say, all muslims are evil and should be exterminated, i do not care what the news or movies tell me Islam is a damned clt and should be outlawed.

Avenger said...

"What i like is how muslim men think their women are so pure and they leave them at home, alone. Well i lost my virginity to six pakistani women while their husbands were away and they took turns with me, it was paradise. they were not virgins but they were still tight and knew more than i thought, if only their husbands knew. he he he"

Oh, we know full well that our women aren't pure, my friend. That's why we don't allow them out of the house without a chaperone.

All I can say is that these brothers had forgotten how devious women really are. They should really study the Koran and the Hadith more often, and maybe beat their wives a little more.

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